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These Do It Yourself books are all for sale as downloads in pdf format. They are easy to read with pictures and clear directions!

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The above packages include: "Keeping A Few Chickens At Home" - "Making Organic Soap At Home" - "Making Organic Wine At Home" - "Artistic Fundamentals - Your First Steps To Becoming an Artist" -  "The Providence Acres Farm Blog Cookbook"  - "The Homemaker's Handbook"


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"Artistic Fundamentals" NEW!
"Make Your Own Organic Wine At Home"
 "Keeping A Few Chickens At Home"
 "Make Your Own Organic Soap At Home"
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1   -  Using The Resources Around You
Chapter 2   -  What is Wine? The Basic Process
Chapter 3   -  Organic and Desirable Additions
Chapter 4   -  Equipment You May Need
Chapter 5   -  Getting Started
Chapter 6   -  In the Primary Fermenter
Chapter 7   -  In the Secondary Fermenter
Chapter 8   -  Clearing the Wine
Chapter 9   -  Bottling

Table of Contents

Chapter 1    -  What is Soap
Chapter 2    -  Equipment Needed To Make Soap
Chapter 3    -  Directions for Making Basic Soap
Chapter 4    -  Cooking Your Soap
Chapter 5    -  Making Clear "Glycerine" Soap
Chapter 6    -  Coloring Your Soap
Chapter 7    -  Making Your Own Soap Recipe
Chapter 8    -  Recipes, Additives & Variations
Chapter 9    -  Rendering Fat
Chapter 10  -  Making Herb Infused Oils
Chapter 11  -  Making Your Own Lye

Included in this book are chapters on
Perspective, Composition and Color Theory.


"Keeping A Few Chickens at Home" 
$5 USD

Table of Contents
  Chapter 1  -  Basic Introduction
Chapter 2  -  Egg laying and Care
Chapter 3  -  Housing 
Chapter 4  -  Feeding
Chapter 5  -  Gardening with Chickens
Chapter 6  -  Pests and Diseases

Download Our Free E-Books:

"Providence Acres Farm Blog Cookbook" - Recipes and pictures of foods prepared in our blog posts
"The Homemaker's Handbook" -  A book for everyday housewives with tips for almost every area of day to day living including an extended chapter on cooking and recipes. This book is being offered free of charge because it is 25 years old, however, it is still a great book for today's DIY'ers!